Nick Citrus | In the Pseudo-studio and Lakeside

We've only got a few more weeks of summer and I'm trying to shove everyone I know and love in front of my camera before I and/or they run off to school and have no more free time forever, amen. It's only sort of working, so if you're someone I know and love, know I love you and I'm working on it. 

One such person I know and love is Nicholas. We met last winter during NMU's production of Scrooge where he and I played Young Ebenezer Scrooge and his fiancée Isabel and I had the privilege of sharing a two minute scene in which I walked in, dumped him, dropped the mic, and left. (Modern synopsis, also, spoilers?). 

My shooting style is such that I sing a lot of the directions, make broken conversation about esoteric subjects and often change my mind mid pose. Unfailingly optimistic and one of the kindest human beings I've ever met, Nick was unfazed by my tendency to discuss the ethics of cloning while trying to photograph him. He's a champion. 

The artificial light set ups were taken on my back porch just in case we needed to be out of the rain because, per Marquette's absurd weather patterns, it was pouring rain just under an hour before we started shooting. I'm still figuring out my style with them, but the ability to turn my incredibly slanted porch into a studio is something I am very much into. One of these days I'll remember to get a behind the scenes shot and you and I can laugh about how un-legit it looks off camera. But until then, the moveable pseudo-studio is making me look way more together than I actually am. 


Since it cleared off, we headed out to Mother Superior with my first love, natural light. I will never ever get tired of photographing Marquette sunsets lakeside. I swear I've never seen the same one twice. 

The Year Without Shopping | The Why

The Year Without Shopping | The Why

Last year I made a decision that has impacted my view of the clothing industry, my consumer habits and the consumer culture we're surrounded with, and unexpectedly grown my skills as a seamstress exponentially. In June of 2017 I decided to challenge myself to not purchase clothing for one year. I've tried to write an all encompassing blog to summarize the experience, but there was just too much information for one post so I'll break this up into three parts, starting with this: the why.

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Fox Friday | When Dreams Come True

Look dudes, I listen to a lot of new-agey podcasts despite not being real new-agey myself and they'll tell you things like "put your goals out into the universe" and "speak your truth". Maybe that woo-woo philosophy rubbed off on me or something, but I joked to the internet that I wanted to borrow someone's fox for a photoshoot and you guys, hand to God, the internet was like "no probs, I gotchu". 

It's really not more complicated than that. After my girl, Teagan texted me about how cool it would be to do a fox photoshoot I threw it out there on my Instagram stories and a friend of ours responded that she actually knew someone who had one and would probably be open to the idea. 

And that's how I ended up on one of the most beautiful farms I've ever seen, with the best of friends, an enchanted forest, and a little lady fox, named Zorra. I million thank you's to Bethany for inviting us, to Abby for connecting us and tagging along for the adventure, to Teagan for the idea, and I guess to the universe for coming through on this one. It's been several days and I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THIS WAS REAL LIFE.